How to be sure of losing a sale – discover the 7 deadly sales sins

Sales-Training-South-WalesSelling is an art form. It’s a clever combination of psychology, marketing, and research.

Get your approach right, and it will be the bedrock of your business.

Get it wrong, and you could find yourself falling foul of the seven deadly sales sins:

  1. Be pushy and go in with the hard sell – You’ll immediately make people want to back away to the nearest exit. This approach smacks of someone who is desperate to meet targets and doesn’t care whether a prospect would benefit from their products or services.
  2. Fail to build strong relationships – We know that most people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Simply knowing who you are won’t hack it. You need to follow up, cultivate relationships, and build that bond. Eventually, they will trust you.
  3. Drop the names of other clients – The process should be all about the potential client. So, dropping the name of other clients could backfire spectacularly. You don’t know if they have a rivalry with that client, if they respect them, or if they see themselves as being very different to that client, with very different needs. For example, a small business may feel that a sales person dropping the names of larger businesses would not see them as a lucrative customer and would not give them the same level of service.
  4. Fail to listen to your prospect – This will ensure you miss the key thing which could make or break the sales process, finding out what your prospect’s problems are and identifying how you could solve them. Most will be up front about their pain points. Talking at them will ensure they don’t get the chance to tell you what they need. The best sales people are excellent listeners. So, stop talking and start listening.
  5. Blind them with jargon – If your approach is full of technical or sales jargon, you’ll create a barrier between you and your potential customer. Using simple, straightforward language will make them feel that you are honest and trustworthy, and that you have knowledge which will be useful to them.
  6. Fail to provide after care – Focusing on the next sale, without providing this client with good after care, will make everything more difficult. Remember – it’s far easier to sell a second time to an existing client than to find a new customer.
  7. Fail to tailor a presentation to their needs – Adopting a one size fits all approach will leave a potential client thinking you simply don’t understand what they need or, worse, you assume they will make a purchase.

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